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Refuelling or bunkering in marine terms is carried out using a small raid tanker to pump the bunker

Husbandry Services 

  • Crew Change Logistics

  • COVID Testing/Vaccination Coordination 

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation Services

  • CBP and all Immigration Request

  • Guards Services Coordination

  • D&A Testing Coordination (unannounced)

  • Crew Medical Care and Emergency Services

  • Crew Shopping

  • Crew Mail/Package(s) Delivery

  • Local Procurement Services

  • Spares/Stores/Lube Oils & Provision Delivery Coordination

  • Air Freight Coordination Services

  • Launch Services

  • Owner’s, Pre-Purchase, Vetting or other Inspection Coordination

  • USCG COC Inspections Coordination

  • Cash to Master Deliveries

Services: Image
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